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Home Security!

With the Christmas and New Year holiday period fast approaching now is a good time to think about whether you have done all you can to ensure the security of your home over this period. The Christmas/New Year period sees many of us leaving our homes whether it is just for a short period to visit family and friends, day trips, or a longer vacations, and whilst this provides us with much enjoyment it also provides thieves with many more opportunities than they may have at other times of the year.

What can you do to increase security and reduce your chances of being a victim to a home burglary? Here is a list of ideas for you to consider:

1. Be careful with your use of social media, avoid posting comments and pictures of your holiday whilst your house is vacant,

2. Ask a neighbour to empty your mail box and put bins in and out,

3. Ask neighbours to occasionally park in your driveway,

4. Put some internal lights and radio/music on timers,

5. Cancel regular deliveries such as newspapers whilst you are away,

6. Minimise locations for potential thieves to hide, this may be as simple as cutting back shrubs and having sensor lights around the home,

7. Don’t leave windows open when not at home, consider installing locks on windows,

8. Don’t leave spare keys in meter boxes, under rocks or pot plants etc, either purchase a secure keysafe which can be installed on the exterior of the home, or provide a spare key to a trusted neighbour,

9. Don’t leave empty boxes showing recent acquisitions of expensive items in view,

10. Consider a monitored alarm system and /or CCTV.

The above is not a complete list but it hopefully provides some useful ideas for you to consider.

Importantly, whether you are a tenant or an owner occupier ensure you have adequate contents insurance for your possessions.

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